Two New Products Unveiled at IEEE Radar Conference in Philadelphia

May 10, 2016

ISL unveiled two new “one-of-a-kind” products at this year’s IEEE Radar Conference (2-6 MAY) in Philadelphia, PA. The first is a new cloud based version of our high-fidelity RF modeling and simulation capability called RFView.

Interact with the online demo here. (Note: this demo is only limited to pre-defined locations. A full working version will be up shortly)

The second allows a radar unit to interact in real-time with this high-fidelity environmental emulation! See the Real-Time Electro-Magnteic Environmental Simulator (RTEMES) in action below!

ISL is the industry leader in high-fidelity physics-based electromagnetic environmental modeling and simulation. With the new web-based interface anyone can have access to this powerful capability. With RTEMES you can then go real-time with your actual flight hardware. You can fly anywhere in the world under the most stressing conditions that would otherwise not be possible or affordable! Please contact Evelyn Guerci ( for more information.

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