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Information Systems Laboratories, Inc. Announces A Major Milestone Certificate of Registration to AS9100 Rev C

June 06, 2016

AFRL Selects ISL to develop Advanced Radar Modeling and Simulation Capability for Fully Adaptive Radar!

May 11, 2016, Vienna, VA

Information Systems Laboratories has been selected by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop an advanced modeling and simulation capability for fully adaptive radar.  As stated in the  program solicitation(read here) “Due to onerous requirements imposed by anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environments, it is imperative to develop innovative signal and data processing techniques for delivering sophisticated sensing capabilities to the warfighter. Modeling and simulation (M&S) plays a critical role for fully-adaptive radar due to the need for real-time generation of representative scenarios from the standpoint of capturing the dynamically varying statistical and spectral properties of the environment.”

First ever demonstration of ISL MIMO radar on the Telephonics ZPY-4!

February 05, 2016
MIMO Radar Performance Improvement

Information Systems Laboratories, Inc.,with its partner Telephonics has successfully conducted a flight test of its ZPY-4 UAV radar that demonstrates for the first time a new MIMO radar mode that effectively doubles the size and capacity of the antenna at a fraction of the cost of a conventional phased array. The work was supported under a Phase II DARPA SBIR. Click here for further details.

GTRI and Trex Enterprises visit ISL to Discuss Strategic Partnering

January 06, 2016


On January 6th, our San Diego group (Defense/Manufacturing) hosted a visit  to discuss strategic partnerships for advanced technology design, prototyping low rate initial production (LRIP), and full rate production. Attendees included Dr. William (“Bill”) Melvin, Director, Sensors and Intelligent Systems Directorate, Dr. Jinendra Ranka, President, Trex Enterprises Inc., and Mr. Michael Brinkmann, P.E., Principal Research Engineer and Division Chief.

Two New Products Unveiled at IEEE Radar Conference in Philadelphia

May 2-6, 2016

ISL unveiled two new “one-of-a-kind” products at this year’s IEEE Radar Conference (2-6 MAY) in Philadelphia, PA. The first is a new cloud based version of our high-fidelity RF modeling and simulation capability

Interact with the online demo here. (Note: this demo is limited to pre-defined locations. A full working version will be up shortly)

The second allows a radar unit to interact in real-time with this high-fidelity environmental emulation! See the Real-Time Electro-Magnteic Environmental Simulator (RTEMES) in action below!

This video shows RTEMES in action at the IEEE Radar Conference. It begins with the radar under test (a commercial maritime radar) which is operating normally except it is not actually radiating out through the antenna (for safety and FCC compliance). The display shows a location in West Virginia which as far as the radar is concerned is actually where it is located! The final display shows the four different locations RTEMES was cycling through every 30 seconds (West Virginia, coast of Los Angeles, White Sands Missile Range, and the Chesapeake Bay region).

ISL is the industry leader in high-fidelity physics-based electromagnetic environmental modeling and simulation. With the new web-based interface anyone can have access to this powerful capability. With RTEMES you can then go real-time with your actual flight hardware. You can fly anywhere in the world under the most stressing conditions that would otherwise not be possible or affordable! Please contact Evelyn Guerci ( for more information. Learn more about ISL’s High Fidelity Sensor Modeling and Simulation Capabilities.

Information Systems Laboratories and BAE have received contracts to support intelligence exploitation systems. The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award contracts, awarded by Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCMD) in China Lake, California, are for Intelligence Exploitation and Targeting Systems (IEST), including “development and fielding of prototypes related to future systems or the sustainment of deployed systems.” Under this effort ISL will deliver IETS or components in accordance with orders issued under the contract. The contractor shall perform systems engineering analysis, software design and product reviews, system and software development, integration, testing, installation, operation, training, sustaining engineering and help desk technical assistance. It is anticipated that approximately 80-90% of the orders will require the contractor to produce and deliver new or upgraded IETS or components. The contractor shall perform technical studies and trade-off analyses, as well as evaluations of capabilities and requirements in supporting the definition of requirements and capabilities for future CGS-based IETS systems and/or implementations.